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Bob Newhart Names Madeleine Begun Kane Winner of Robert Benchley Society Award For Humor

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I write humor columns, limericks, and other funny poetry about everything that irks me: politics & government; marriage & family; the law; career & work; shadowrocket下载官网 technology, privacy, & computers; Donald Trump, the White House, & the GOP; the media; holidays; feminism; cars; music; the news; shadowrocket安卓下载 下载shadowrocket travel & vacations; and New York City. And since I'm easily irked, I update my Political Madness Weblog and my non-political humor blog almost every day.

One never should write. One should scribe.
One must NOT coincide. Instead, jibe.
Are verbs that have color
Much better than duller?
Im bewildered must drink or imbibe.

Boring adjective-freedoms my goal,
And dull adverbs can sure take their toll.
I abjure and forswear them
And simply cant bear them.
In this verse, though, theyre taking control.

Perhaps with Verse 3, Ill succeed
In banishing words I dont need.
Not an adverb in sight,
Nor an adjective blight.
Push my luck? No, not me! End of screed.

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You can catch me "Raising Kane" about news, law, and politics on my Political Madness Satire blog or read my more general humor on my Humor Blog.

If you prefer computer, privacy, and Internet humor, please check out my high-tech mayhem.

Have you ever been unemployed? Do you wish you were unemployed? My workplace humor should do the job.

Or if you're into cars, try my "Driven Mad" car humor columns.

You could always sample my media, political, 免费翻国外墙的app music, health, food & drink, fashion & shopping, shadowrocket下载官网 shadowrocket安卓下载 education, feminist, poetry, weblog, shadoweocket电脑端 holiday, and shadoweocket电脑端 humor, or visit my non-political humor blog.

My advice for the Donald: Forego
Muellers questions. Dont go toe-to-toe.
Cuz deceit is on tap
When your sneering lips flap.
You will lie while youre saying hello.

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